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The value of a really good bid-writer

I seem to be doing quite bit of bid writing for clients at the moment and that experience reminded me that the value of a really good bid-writer is not just in how he/she develops and presents the response document. It’s also about:

  • Getting under the skin of the tendering organisation – what is it that would make them sit up and take notice? After all, in these highly competitive times, your client’s bid will be lost amongst dozens of others unless you can deliver something special, in language the tendering organisation understands.
  • Asking difficult questions – probing the capability of the bidding organisation to delivery the contract is key. Unless you are satisfied that they have the skills, capacity, and have some benchmark of how good they are compared to their competitors, the bid won’t succeed and you are all wasting your time.
  • Project management – just getting people to contribute to the bid in time and with quality input can be like herding cats. The main culprits are usually the most senior managers!
  • Coaching the presentation team – making sure they are articulate and that they can go beyond the bid document in their slide presentation and verbal input.

Of course the final document has to be clear and well-written, conveying the key messages as effectively as possible. That’s a given.

But in the end, the reason for using a really good bid-writer is that you have a greater chance of winning the bid!


January 7, 2011 - Posted by | business

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