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The Change Equation

Wouldn’t it be great if someone had worked out an easy way to predict whether your change project was likely to succeed or fail?

Well, someone has! Peter Duschinsky’s new book, The Change Equation, now available from , sets out the principles of an assessment methodology which does just that!

The Change Equation is based on three key contentions:

  1. The success or failure of a change project is dependent on the complexity of the project being within the capability of the organisation
  2. The management of change cannot be achieved within the lifecycle of the project – it has to start earlier to prepare for the project and go on afterwards to embed the changes
  3. Management typically:
  • underestimates the complexity of the project, and
  • Is unwilling to invest in change management early enough

In practice, Peter tailors his approach to suit each situation, but there is a basic 6-step process that underpins every assessment, using models and tools based on our unique methodology:

The 6 steps

  1. Map the dominating Organisational Culture and Business Process Capability currently present in your organisation and combine these into an Organisational Capability indicator
  2. Test for shared objectives and assess the complexity of the programme, then analyse the gap between the Organisational Capability and the complexity of the programme
  3. Look at other factors that will impact on success, such as: trust and relationships within your organisation and with external stakeholders; benefits realisation planning; the robustness of the IT plan
  4. Review and analyse these findings and estimate the likely impact of the indicators on the business case
  5. Workshop these results with senior management to confirm or refine the findings and ensure their understanding and ownership of the issues
  6. The outputs from this process are a Culture Change Route Map and a prioritised Action Plan which addresses the identified barriers and risks.

Peter’s approach is based on 30 years of consulting experience, condensed into simple-to-understand models and tools which allow you to quickly identify and quantify the barriers to success.

Here is an example of a project that was planned to roll out within a year and recover its costs within eighteen months.

business case calc

If you are facing the prospect of a change project that is being forced through by senior managers without the necessary attention to culture and process barriers, read the book or have a look at the excerpts on Peter’s website.

And take advantage of our new offer – a FREE Project Readiness Healthcheck!

Good luck!


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